How To Increase WiFi Speed in 2019

How To Increase WiFi Speed in 2019

If you have a slow internet speed, you can easily get rid of the speed of the Wifi speed. Yes, we have been able to make 10 internet speed changes to the Wi-Fi router, but you do not have to keep track of the old wifi speed. How to Increase WiFi Speed – 10 Best Tips 2018

All GPRS users will be able to get 2G updates and other users have 3G – 4G internet services.we are talking about 5G – 6G I have a problem with slow Internet network in India.

The 3G-4G network did not even have the net speed of the WiFi router on the other hand when it came to real hardship. Wifi speed has increased due to the fact that Wifi speed change?

 How to Increase WiFi Speed – 10 Best Tips 2018

To speed up the WiFi internet on the internet, it’s easy to change the speed of the wifi Top 10 ways to boost wifi speed on Android, laptop, and PC

1. WiFi  Location 
The Wifi router has been put on the internet speed as well. Why is it that I am trying to get my wifi router? What is the location of our network?

Sometimes router does not even have a connection with a wifi device, but it does not get any device, or it has a problem with the speed of the wifi speed.

is a simple solution to connect to a wifi router where a network connection is not available. Highlight the strong signal on Wi-Fi

2. Don’t Far WiFi Router From You
Har-wi-fi router with screwdriver No router 30 meters to the range or cover of a diameter of 100 meters per square and lower.

This is the way to get a wifi router that can be used to connect to the router and if you want to use the device, you can use it to get better internet speed.

3. Remove Obstruction 
Wifi did not fix any problems, but I have no problem with the device. Wifi Biggest enemy – Concrete and Metal.

Strong signal requires that you have no metal bag on your computer and WiFi. Wifi basement is the only way to connect with me when I go to the WiFi network.

4. Always Use Right Directions For  WiFi 
The Wi-Fi router has a 360-degree angle cover, you can enter the wifi router, which is the direction of the wifi direction.

It does not matter what the direction of your device is that we will not be able to provide any directions to your wifi device.

5. WiFi Channel Switch
Wifi has been broadcasting to the channel, jisme 1 has 10+ channels shamil hai. Whenever there is a problem with the wifi router signal problem, you can change the channel.

If you want to pass on your as software, you have the option to send a channel to your network of channels and your network.

6. Do Not Put Wifi On Ground
Wifi can not even land on the ground, it is not possible to capture the wifi router signal. Some experts have said that the wages of Humayun jimen from the minimum 2 feet up to the record level.

Sophisticated wifi router, cordless phone, security alarm, microwave oven or automatic garage door openers, On TV, etc. I do not even know how to do it

7. Wi-Fi Firmware Update
For new wifi router firmware updates, you have to use a wifi router that is used to update, but you can use it again.

Update does not slow down the internet speed, and it also helps to protect your security problems so that your device is up to date.

8. Always Use Wifi Password Strong 
The Kai bar user is using the short password or the wifi password for your password.

It is recommended that you set up a wifi password that will not allow you to set up a wifi password or otherwise use a wifi network for your permission.

9. Wifi Settings Reset
It has been a long way since it has not been able to speed up the speed of the WiFi, and it has a speed slot with the wifi relocate, the network broadcast changes.

I can reset my wifi router to you. Wifi is going to reset the new wifi settings and it will work as soon as possible.

10. Wifi Repeater Use
If you have not been able to access a room, office, you do not have a network based network, you can use the wifi repeaters, the wifi extender.

A repeater can help you send a message to the wifi router before you send it to the network signal. Big house user is waiting for you.

Final Words,
In tips and tricks, follow the prompts to speed up your wifi. Whenever you use internet speed to speed up your mobile, laptop, desktop and faster speed internet connection.

If you have problems with a slow network, please read this article.

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