How to Reduce the Size of the Video Without Quality

How to Reduce the Size of the Video Without Quality

In this post, I will tell you how you can reduce the MB of any high-quality video i.e. how big the video of which has an MB property size, how can you reduce it without the quality of the video spoiled. Let’s know how to reduce the size of the video so that its quality is not bad. How to Reduce Video Size Without Losing Quality?

There is a problem with many people that there is a 15-20 minute video that takes too much space to be too much MB and they have to put videos on youtube too.

To avoid this thing, to avoid this thing, in today’s post, we will learn how to reduce the size of the video’s quality (MB) or how to reduce it.

How to Reduce the Size of the Video Without Quality:

The software that I’m about to tell you is 100% free software, then open any browser you have and then search the Google  HandBrake.

Step 1:

Go to the site in the browser and search the handbrake and open its site.

  1. Visit the Handbrake site.

Download HandBrake

HandBrake directly into your browser and search it Google Open. You will be able to see the first link at the top, open it.

Step 2:

After this, you will see something like this where the website has given some details, you can read them well and download it by clicking on the download button.

  1. Download Handbrake software.

Download HandBrake software

Step 3:

After downloading the software, you install it. The process of installing is very simple, just install it like other software.

Step 4:

If you install and open the software then its interface will look something like this.

  1. Add a file by clicking on the Open Source option.

add file Handbrake

Now you can drag and drop any of your videos into this software.

Step 5:

After adding the video to the software, you can reduce the video size by following the following steps.

  1. Click on software features dimensions and set the width and height of the video, if you have made a video for youtube, then keep the size 1280 × 720.

Step 6:

Now click on the video option and follow the step below.

  1. Click on the video option.
  2. Make video quality less than your own. (But keep 21-25, video quality will worsen if doing more than that)
  3. Video is asked to save, select his location.
  4. After clicking on Start encode button the video will start compressing.

Reduce Video Size Handbrake

You can further reduce the file size using the features summary, dimensions, filter, video, audio, subtitles, chapters highlighted in the screenshot above.

If you do not follow Steps Step by Step correctly, then the size of the video will not be reduced so that one thing is right.

After this, after clicking on the Browse button you want to save the video where you want to save it, save it and start compressing the video by clicking on the Start Encode button. This process takes a few minutes, after a short time the video compress You will be there before.

Likewise, by using this small and unique software, you can reduce the size of the video by compressing your large size video.

So hopefully you have liked this post very much today, so keep coming to SMI like you and learn new things.

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