Why Use Smart Bulbs in the Light Bulb – 5 Reasons Why

Why Use Smart Bulbs in the Light Bulb - 5 Reasons Why

Like smartphones, smart light bulbs have also started to be used too. The main reason for this is to be better than their ordinary bulb. In this post, we will learn about why we should use Smart bulb in place of Normal Light bulb. What are the benefits of this? Let’s know why Not Use Light Bulb? Why Smart bulbs

A smart light bulb is much better than the standard bulb, after reading this post, you will understand this very well, and you will start using the Smart Light bulb.

Smart bulbs like smartphones are also called smart due to these reasons. In this, we get more features from Normal bulb, and the light bill is even less.

Why use a smart light bulb instead of Normal Light bulb

Let us know why to use the intelligent light bulb instead of the normal light bulb and what are the benefits of using a smart bulb.

1. Dim light

Normal bulb light is slightly dim and yellow color which looks very boring. But the light of the smart light is of full and white color, which does not make us feel boring.

If your room’s wall paint is white, then it will be the brightness of the smart phone’s light so that you will not feel that it is a light bulb or sunlight.

2. Control from anywhere

Some smart light bulbs like Belkin WeMo LED and GE Links Bulbs have a scheduling feature that lets you control the light even when you are not at home. This is a great option when you are out of the house.

Because this does not make your house ever look empty, you can also reduce the light bill by controlling the Smart Bulb on and off.

3. Can change colors

Light can not change the light color in the light bulb, but it is possible in smart light bulbs. Flux Smart LED Bulb has more than 16 million colors.

You can change the color according to your brain by turning the color wheel of the bulb. By changing the color, you will feel like many bulbs from a bulb.

4. Can play music

Built-in Speaker can play the music of Smart Bulb. Just think in your room you can hear music without the help of a wire bulb.

The light in the Playbulb color, which changes the light intensity according to the voice coming out of the speaker.

5. Help in better sleep

The smart light bulb can also help in your sleep better. C sleep has such color in which you can dim light by the settings that make the night feel better.

Lighting science is another bulb that provides soothing lights, which is exactly like the natural light. Meaning you do not even know whether the light is light or the light of the bulb.

The light bill also earns compared to Normal bulb. Apart from these, there are many other advantages of using smart bulbs that motivate us to use a smart bulb in place of the normal bulb.

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